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I specialize in three core areas: Creative Sound Design, Talent Development & Coaching, and Voiceover.

Creative Sound Design

This encompasses everything from strategic copywriting,  developing your brand,  hourly content flow (format clocks) to music scheduling setup.  Together, let's create a sound that is memorable and relatable.  I specialize in creative writing for on-air and digital content.  Whether for promos, imaging or social media campaigns , I approach each project with a clean slate to make room for fresh ideas!

Talent Development

When it comes to radio, gone are the days of “the DJ!”  Broadcasters need Content Creators that relate to target audiences.  This goes beyond the over the air signal.  When you have a compelling personality that is always engaging regardless of the platform, you win!  From broadcasting to podcasting, I’m here to help develop your products' unique sound.


I have been behind the microphone for over 30 years in a wide variety of formats.  Today I specialize in helping you craft the sound of your project!  From on-air promos, commercials, underwriting announcements, and audio branding to voiceover for video.  Let’s talk about your next project and its unique needs.   Head over to the voiceover page for samples.


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